Strategies for winning at Online Blackjack

Blackjack Bonus

The first principle to knowing how an experienced player plays Blackjack Online is to know the casino’s payout percentage so that a basic strategy can reduce this casino’s advantage to less than 1%.

But another important tip is to never ask for cards when you have a total sum between 17 and 21 or between 12 and 16, in the latter case the dealer must have a value between 2 and 6.

The Basic Strategy

However, those that we can consider as real fundamental points of a basic strategy for the game of Blackjack are the following, which we suggest you learn and always keep in mind when you start playing:

  • Never split two cards with a value of 10
  • Use only techniques you really know
  • Check your bets
  • Talk to the other players around the table
  • Practice
  • Card Counting

To summarize the score of the cards already mentioned above we will use this time a more schematic form that we can easily keep as a reminder.

Below we report the individual value of the cards, below the combined value they can take during a game:

  • Ace: can be worth 1 or 11 points
  • Two: it’s worth 2 points
  • Three: it is worth 3 points
  • Four: it is worth 4 points
  • Five: worth 5 points
  • Six: worth 6 points
  • Seven: worth 7 points
  • Eight: worth 8 points
  • Nine: worth 9 points
  • Ten: worth 10 points
  • Jack: worth 10 points
  • Woman: worth 10 points
  • Re: worth 10 points
  • The Royal Count

The actual counting of the cards is what we do at the end of the hand and of course, it is done by adding the face value of the cards held in the one played.

But the real count is susceptible to variations with respect to the nominal one and differences are identifiable in the variable value of the Ace.

The Ace can be worth 1: when it allows us to get close to the maximum score or when, alternatively, it would force us to bust.

The Ace can be worth 11: when it allows us to get close to the maximum score without going bust.

The Ace is always worth 11: when combined with a 10 or a figure it allows us to do Online Blackjack.

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