Winning at the Real Series Video Slots

Slots players a chance to hit it big playing their “Real Series Video Slots.”

Personally, when I think “big” I’m thinking in the seven digit area. However, the fact of the matter is, that with these slots there is actually a “random” chance of cleaning up only to about $10,000 (on the basic real series slots, they do also offer a couple of progressive slot machines that pay out substantially more) but that is not the point of this article.

I have played and won at these slots so many of times in the past (in fact, I am playing as I write) and I think I may have an edge I would like to share with you all. Of course, this is not a GUARANTEE that you will win every time but it is a very keen observation on my part.

Let me quickly explain how these slots payout;

The Real Series Video Slots consist of five wheels with wild and scatters and you may play from one to one to twenty five lines depending on the game. Usually three or more scatters and/or wild/scatter combination will activate a bonus round.

There is where these slots might payout big.

Payout’s on the regular spins will pay pretty much the industry standards… you can win plenty of money (if you get five “max payout’s” in a selected row) however, like all other slots, the chance of getting five aces in the hole are far and few in between.

The real payout’s here are the “random jackpot”

To be honest with you, I’m not sure of the exact criteria needed to win the random jackpot while playing these slots. I have contacted the software manufacture and was told that the random jackpot could be awarded to anyone betting anything ant anytime while playing the real series video slots.

Actually, a while back I actually hit a mysterious $1,500.00 + win while playing “Cleopatra’s Gold”.

The funny thing was that I didn’t realize the win until I took my next spin (I assuming that it was a random jackpot) I was paid and I was happy… and that was that. Since then, I have been watching much more closely. I have come to believe that there is a payout structure regarding the real series video slots.

Watch The Random Jackpot Payout Amount At Each Game:

I have noticed more minimal and even payout’s when the jackpot is bursting (around $10,000). However, this observation is not something I recommend you take to the bank. I’m just saying that my fifty or one hundred dollars seems to last longer when I play at the slots with bigger jackpot payout’s.

I also noticed that the bonus round comes more frequent when the jackpot is high.

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