Winning Roulette Game

Following the best strategy will help a player in winning this Roulette game. There are three variants of this game. Like French, European and American. Among all these European is said to be the best and more fetching. First of all a player should go for a single-zero Roulette wheel. When he goes to this wheel he has less chance of loosing the game. Always players should choose a roulette wheel which has fewer pockets. Put the chips over the 1-12 section of the table- this can help a player to win the game easily. Player should start their increments from $1-$6. They should not go beyond this amount while playing this game.

Player should not place the whole amount in one single bet. Player should start placing their bets with the small amount and reach the top position soon. French and European roulette’s have single zero wheel. This roulette contains 37 pockets. American roulette contains 38 pockets. Playing on a European roulette can be more useful and good fetching when compared to American roulette. Understand the house edge- every player should understand the house edge.

House edge means: the chances a house has to win over the player. For example if a player chooses his bet on the zero then his expected payout is 35:1. Here the odds of winning are only 37:1. This means that each time a player places his bet the house chance of winning is 37 times. Players should always choose those numbers which though have less payout have great chance to win. For example if a player chooses odds or even number then his chance of winning the game is 1.11:1 that is he can win the game most of the time. There are other possible chances in online roulette like players can place their bets on those numbers which are in corners.

Safest bet- most of the professionals say that the safe among all bets is placing a even money outside bet on European roulette wheel. This bet was proved to be the best one through few mathematical calculations. This bet provides best chance for the player to win the game. Don’t believe in streaks- player should not believe in opponent’s words. Some of them say that the ball landed on red for 20 times and next time when the ball is moved it will land on red. This strategy is totally wrong player should not get into those ideas. Player should set their bank roll in advance- when players set their bank roll they should play till it ends. When it ends then player should not start again but should quit from the game.

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