Winning Roulette strategies

Ask a group of 100 roulette fanatics about their spinning strategies and you’re likely to get at least 50 different ideas. Everyone has something that they swear works better than anything else. Let’s face it: Roulette is a game of chance. It’s also non-interactive and rigid. There’s not much you can do to make the wheel spin as you’d want or to know ahead of time where the ball will fall.The only effective strategies, therefore, have to do with keeping the house edge to a minimum, and knowing how to bet. Every online casino  has special rules. These rules are designed to have an effect on the edge–in the house favor, of course. Below, we’ve given a few rules that you need to know about so that you can decrease the house edge.

When you plan your strategies, watch for the Surrender option. Surrender applies to outside bets that pay even money, such as red/black, odd/even, and high/low.  A ball landing on the 00 or 00 means you lose just half the bet, not the whole thing. This affects the edge for the house in a dramatic way.  After all, the 0 and 00 are what account for such a high house edge. Naturally, payoffs for outside bets aren’t as nice, but if you can find a table with the Surrender option, you’ll substantially improve your odds. Speaking of 0 and 00, this represents a simple and effective roulette strategy. These tables, found mostly in Europe, but occasionally in other places, offer a more appealing house edge from your perspective.

By finding a European table, you reduce the edge to the house from 5.27 to 2.7 percent. Another rule that will help your odds is called the En Prison rule. This refers to when the roulette ball lands on a 0; it applies to even-money outside bets.  When this happens, the player doesn’t lose his bet immediately. Instead, his bet will stay on the board (in prison). The money goes back to the player if his previous bet wins, but he gets no extra winnings. If it loses, the bet is swept away. If the ball hits 0 again, the bet stays in prison. This rule gives you a couple of extra chances, not to win, but to at least make sure that you don’t lose your money, if you don’t win on the first spin.One other effective strategy is called the Two Column Shuffle.

To start, place two bets on any two of the three basic table columns. For instance, maybe you play a $5 chip on the column for numbers 1-34, and another on the column for 2-35.  The idea of the strategy is to use a relatively small amount of cash to cover as many numbers as you can. If you place $5 on the first and second columns, and if the ball hits a number in the first column, you’ll win $10 for your $5 bet, but lose the $5 bet on column 2. You’re up $5.  Now on the next betting round, add $5 to your original $5 on column 1 (It’s now a $10 bet). Now put your bet on column 2 over to column 3, betting just the table minimum ($5 in this case).The idea with this strategy is that if you win, the press the win column, and alternate losing bets between the two losing columns.

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