How to play video poker

Video Poker is an incredibly popular game in casinos today, due to the instant win nature of the game and the fact that many customers are less intimidated by this way of playing when compared to other forms of poker.


With the gaming industry keen to embrace new technology, the first basic versions of video poker emerged around the same time as personal computers, in the mid-1970s. It was Si Redd who first popularised video poker with the introduction of ‘Draw Poker’ in 1979. The game became increasingly popular in the 1980s and is now one of the main features of any casino.

Premise of Game
The aim of video poker is simple. The game is set up in the same style as a slot machine and is based on 5-Card Draw poker. Players place a bet from their credits and are then dealt five cards. The player then chooses which, if any, of these cards they want to discard. Once the cards have been discarded and new cards dealt, it will be determined if the player has a winning hand. A winning hand will be one of the combinations of cards shown on the paytable.

There are several different varieties of online video poker, each with slightly different rules, though the basic rules remain the same. The amount paid out for a win will depend on how rare the winning combination is. For example, the lowest payout will usually occur with a pair of jacks, whereas the highest payout is made when the player is dealt a royal flush, which is the rarest of hands. Some forms of video poker offer a progressive jackpot, where winnings can be gambled for a potentially larger win; however, with each re-bet the overall chances of winning decrease.

Tips and Strategies

There is some element of skill involved in playing video poker, and it is important to familiarise yourself with the game. It is wise to focus on only one or two versions of the game, such as ‘Deuces Wild’ or ‘Jacks or Better’, and develop a good understanding of these versions. Make sure you understand the payout table for each game, to ensure you are making the best decisions when choosing cards to discard. The most important thing is to be patient while playing. There is no time limit, and carefully considering decisions will usually result in a better outcome.

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