Mobile Casino User Bonus

As the name suggests, this bonus is for players in mobile apps. You will be pleased to see this bonus if you visit an online casino from your smartphone or tablet. Quite often the casino operator will ask for a special mobile app bonus code to make sure you are really going to play from your smart device.

Free spin bonus

This is one of the players’ most coveted bonuses, but you have to adjust which slot machines the free spin bonus applies to in your casino. Based on the desire of players to receive this bonus, it is offered by the absolute majority of online casinos. The calculation is simple and works great – the more free spins you offer, the more attention it attracts. This bonus is often called Risk-Free Spins because you do not risk your money on these spins. For the most part, this bonus is offered to recently released games or slot machines.

Free spins

And now let’s take a look at the differences or nuances in the free spins bonuses:

Free spins with a deposit

In this option, you have to reckon with the requirement to place more bets. This is a condition of the number of times the winnings must be turned over in order to be paid out.

Free spin bonus without deposit

A much more popular option because you do not have to make a deposit to your gaming account. This bonus is usually given to new players and may not have any special conditions of use – perhaps only a minimum withdrawal amount. Unless you have fully registered in advance and provided your transfer account, your winnings will go there without delay.

Deposit bonus plus free spins

The typical online casino bonus is a 100% deposit bonus of up to 100 bucks with free spins on the slot machines. The bonus can include all free spins in one package or divided into parts, where, for example, you get 10 spins first, but the next after a deposit of 20 bucks. You will receive the next 30 free spins after another 20 bucks deposit, and the last 40 will be due after the third deposit. There may be another condition to the bonus, so be careful before deciding to receive the bonus.

Free spins without deposit and bonus conditions

This is one of the newest and most player-friendly bonuses. If you see it, take it without much deliberation, because all the winnings you get during the free spins will immediately go to your money account without any conditions. In addition, you are not required to make a deposit. Here are the wonders of competition!

Refund bonus

Quite a popular bonus when a player gets back part of the lost bets after fulfilling the condition. For example, you are offered a cashback bonus of up to 100 bucks with 50% weekly rate insurance. In that case, out of the 100 bucks lost in the first week, you will get back 50 bucks. If you have lost, for example, 60 bucks in the first week, then your recovered amount will be 30 bucks. In this case, the refund bonus takes effect if you have been in the red during the specified period (first week). The refund bonus can be interest on lost money or interest on lost rates. In addition, there is a maximum amount to be reimbursed. Most refund bonuses can be divided into two categories.

Refund Bonus

If you lose within a certain period, you will receive a 10% refund. For example, if you have turned 100 bucks in a certain game and won 50 bucks, the casino will pay you a bonus of 5 bucks. Because your loss is 50 bucks, and 10% of that amount is 5 bucks.

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