Type of Casino Bonus

The No Deposit Bonus has one thing in common with the Free Spins bonus: it can also be misleading, as it looks more attractive than it actually is.

Players love the idea of ​​walking into a casino and being able to play without having to make a deposit. Who could blame them?

It’s the only bonus that can allow them to do this, but just like Free Spin bonuses, you just have to dig a little to realize that the offer is actually much less generous and enticing than it does not appear there at first sight.

To get started, although you are not required to make a deposit, most casinos will require you to register and verify your account. They may even ask you to add a payment method, which means you’ll still need to fill in the payment details.

Secondly, the amounts offered via these bonuses are incredibly low and often capped at 20 dollars while only very rarely exceeding 10 dollars.

Finally, the money you get from a No Deposit Bonus will not work the same way as the money you get from making a deposit.

Not only will you be subject to wagering requirements (see below), but there are also limits on how much you can win. Many casinos also prohibit the use of No Deposit Bonus money to win progressive jackpots.

What’s the point of winning a 10 bucks coupon if you can’t win big with it and have to bet it a hundred times if you win?

Wagering Requirements

Also known as the “playthrough rate”, the wagering requirement is closely related to all types of bonuses and you need to understand how these work if you want to make money playing online casino games. .

In other words, these requirements prevent you from making a deposit, getting a bonus, and then making a withdrawal in the process. If it were that simple, you could double your money at all available online casinos and make a living from scam gambling sites.

If you hit a 50x wagering requirement, that means you’re going to have to wager that money 50 times before you can cash it out. For example, if you receive a bonus of $100, you will have to play with $5,000 before you can collect this money.

Casinos hope to see you lose money because they know that over a long period of play the law of averages begins to work in their favor. They also hope to get you hooked on their site and their games before your gaming session ends.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty bonuses are some of the most underrated bonuses in the online casino industry. If you’re not a big player and only play an hour or two here and there, these bonuses won’t really apply to you.

On the other hand, if you play a lot, these bonuses can be very lucrative and the more money you deposit each week, the more these bonuses will be advantageous.

Certain Loyalty Bonuses will allow you to obtain occasional Reload Offers. These are essentially simple Purchase Bonuses (Matched Deposit Bonuses), but they are much less generous than the Welcome Bonuses.

The most interesting Loyalty Bonuses can, however, give you access to a VIP club that offers you points in exchange for money spent on casino games. The more you play these games, the more points you will earn and the more you will have access to more advantages offered by the Loyalty Program.

Top programs may offer VIP tournament packages, specials, and giveaways for players who move up the echelons. Also, the higher you go in rank, the easier it will be for you to earn points, which means you will earn more bonuses, more offers, and more prizes than players who do not have access to higher ranks.

If you are a high roller, we recommend that you only play at online casinos that offer a Loyalty Program.

Most of these casinos will only give you discounts if you play at a high level. If you play blackjack for 10 hours in a row and at the end of the game you find yourself with as much money in your account as at the start, the Loyalty Program will value those hours. You will therefore have a large number of points waiting for you in your account and which can be converted into prizes or money that will allow you to save.

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