Welcome Bonus

If you are looking for an online casino to take a gamble every now and then, it is a good idea to compare the different online casinos, especially the welcome bonuses that almost every online casino offers. By using the welcome bonus of an online casino, you can significantly increase the amount you deposit to play with. With the welcome bonus, a certain percentage of the amount you deposit is added as extra bonus money to the amount you deposit into your online casino account. And that can go up to 100% of the amount deposited by you. In addition, at many casinos you also get a number of spins for free to play with as part of the welcome bonus.

Free Spins Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus at most online casinos consists of two parts you receive a number of free spins to play with and an amount of money that is added to your playing credit. The number of free spins that you get per casino can vary considerably and it is therefore worth taking a good look at the number of free spins that the online casino offers you as a bonus when comparing the welcome bonus. Furthermore, at some online casinos you can decide for yourself on which video slots , slot machines or fruit machines you use the free spins, while at other online casinos it is determined on which games the free spins can be used.

Free spins are not so much meant to win large amounts of money, but more to give new players the opportunity to get to know the casino and try out certain games. It goes without saying that winnings you make when you play on a video slot or slot machine are simply added to your playing credit.

Free Money Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus at an online casino does not only consist of free spins, but also almost always adds an amount of money to the first deposit you make at the online casino. A certain percentage of your deposit is usually added to your deposit as extra playing credit. For example, suppose you deposit 100 into your casino account to start playing with and the online casino offers you a 100% welcome bonus on your deposit, then this means that in addition to the amount you deposit into your casino account, also gets 100% of that amount from the online casino to play with. So you deposit 100, but can then play with an amount of 200 in your player account.

Many online casinos offer huge bonus amounts to entice new players to open a player account at their casino. It is therefore absolutely worthwhile to compare the different casinos before you decide at which online casino you are going to play. In addition, it is of course always possible to open a player account at multiple online casinos and take advantage of the welcome bonus of each casino.

Welcome Bonus Condition

When you use a welcome bonus, you automatically agree to a number of conditions that the online casino sets. For example, it is not allowed to open multiple player accounts at the same casino. This is because you then use two or three bonuses that can only be used once per person, as is the case with the welcome bonus, and that is not the intention. Furthermore, when receiving a bonus, whether it is the welcome bonus or another bonus, you always have to deal with the so-called wagering rule. This rule was created to prevent players from receiving a casino bonus and withdrawing the amount of the bonus immediately, without playing with it. That is of course not the intention of the welcome bonus.

The wagering rule means that before you can withdraw any winnings you have made with the amount of the welcome bonus, you cannot withdraw until the conditions of the wagering rule have been met. You must first have wagered the amount that you have received as a bonus a number of times. For example, suppose you have received a welcome bonus of 50 and the casino applies a wagering rule of 20 times the bonus amount, then all bets you have made in the casino with the bonus must first add up to 20 x 50. 1000 before you can withdraw winnings. That seems like a large amount, but in practice it is not that bad. The wagering rule does of course not apply if you do not receive any bonus money.

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