What are Casino Bonuses

Bonuses are not to be overlooked when playing online and you should take them into consideration if you want to win money on these sites. There are several types of bonuses, as well as many details you need to know about how they work and how casinos use them.

almost all online casinos offer welcome bonuses

Welcome Bonus

The Welcome Bonus is, without a doubt, the biggest bonus offered by a casino. It is the one that players focus on the most and, therefore, the one that casinos place the most importance on.

These bonuses can take different forms. The best known is the Match Deposit Bonus http://www.kasinoeuropelit.com. This bonus is not very difficult to understand and it is also essential to understand how it works so as not to risk overvaluing it or, on the contrary, undervaluing it.

Take these two options below as an example:

  • 200 buck bonus – 25%
  • 100 bucksĀ  bonus – 100%

At first glance, the first bonus seems to be more advantageous. It is, in fact, capped at a much higher amount. The problem is, to get that 200bucks, you’re going to have to deposit 800 bucks, which means you’ll be depositing 800 bucks to play with 1,000 bucks. In the second case, you will only receive a bonus of 100 bucks, but you will only need to deposit 100 bucks to get it, which means that you will start with 100 bucks and you will immediately have 200 bucks to play.

The percentage is more important than the amount itself, especially considering that many online casinos use this amount to trick you into thinking the bonus is better than it actually is.

Free Spins

The Free Spins bonus is one of the most misleading bonuses because the terms are written in fine print and very few players pay attention.

Let’s go back to our previous example and imagine for a moment that you receive Free Spins in addition to your Matched Deposit Bonus (also called Welcome Pack)

  • 200 bucks Bonus – 25% + 100 Free Spins
  • 100 bucks Bonus – 100% + 500 Free Spins

We quickly understand that the second bonus has a higher number of Free Spins (Free Spins) than the first, and for many players, this means a better bonus.

Beware, you’re missing essential information, information that most sites choose not to clearly state: the value of each spin.

If the 100 Free Spins have a unit value of 0.25 bucks, it will be exactly the same as the 500 Free Spins at 0.05 bucks.

Real money online casinos know that players tend to focus more on quantity rather than quantity, so they often hide the value of their spins. They are also more likely to offer 100 Free Spins of 0.10 bucks each than to offer 10 Free Spins of 1 buck each or even a 10 bonus buck because if all the bonuses are equal, the first gives the impression of offering more.

This psychological trickery makes it difficult to assess Free Spins bonuses at first glance and is why you should always check the fine print when comparing casino bonuses like this.

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