Free Spins Bonus and a Deposit Bonus

The difference between free spins as a separate bonus on its own, or a number of free spins as part of a deposit bonus, is very clear even though new players in online casinos may not know the difference and feel some benevolence, but simply a free spins bonus is a bonus that is a number of spins not it requires making a deposit in the casino, and usually the player gets this free bonus from the spins only once when opening a casino account, and it is sometimes called the registration bonus or the no-deposit bonus, and the free spins within the deposit bonus are obtained by the player after he funds his account in the casino for the first time.

While regular players in the casino in the vip club can get a free spins bonus in many cases, the casino presents it to them on their private and public occasions to pamper and keep them, for example, a player may get a free spins bonus on his birthday or new year’s holidays. or even when a new version is available.

What are the games to play with the free spins bonus?

The casino often associates the free spins reward with slots games, and the player cannot replace the type of game with another game other than the one allocated by the casino, and the value of the free spins reward often does not exceed 10 spins, and it can be used on one type of slots game, either in the case of for the player to obtain a reward of free spins with a larger number, the casino determines for him several types of slot games, the player can prefer among them and choose the appropriate one for him, and he also has the right, if the number of free spins is large, to divide a number of these spins into a game, so that he can try his luck in the most type of slot games, which supports him in achieving victory and profit and obtaining higher benefits and fun.

Is it possible to make money betting with the free spins bonus?

Of course yes, the free spins bonus is a number of real spins, which the player plays in a real slot machine game, with limits and a specific bet size, and the player must know that the slot machine program does not know whether this spin is paid by money from the player or is free within a bonus.

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