Types of Bingo

We described the most popular types of bingo. You can find them in the list below. 

75 balls – popular in the, it uses a 5 × 5 grid fo

rmat, creating 24 squares. There is an empty field in the center of the card, each column starts with the letters “bingo”, which makes it easier to find the numbers on the ticket.

80 ball – the game is very similar to the 75 number game, but the tickets have four rows and columns (16 numbers).

90 balls – popular in the ticket has three rows of nine cells, each row has five numbers, and each part of the ticket has 15 random numbers from 1 to 90;

30 balls – a quick game, a ticket with nine numbers.

There are other versions of the game. We described only the most well-known. 


SuperBingo game is very popular. As the website collects information on how to gamble online, the SuperBingo online gaming https://onlinecasinoerdanmark.dk process is described here. 

How to play SuperBingo online?

First, register for LOTO or log in to your user account if you have already registered.

Click on Super Bingo to receive a virtual coupon.

By selecting the “Popular Choices” section, you will be offered a completed and ready-to-pay SuperBingo coupon. It can be replenished and corrected before you make payment. 

To complete the coupon yourself, click on “Your choice”. In this section, you will be able to choose all the numbers of the lottery ticket yourself.

There are five game variants in one coupon. You can play from one to all five variants. The fee for one variant is 1.50 bucks. Each version of the game has five columns. Four numbers must be entered in each column. This means that 20 numbers must be entered in each variant. 

Once the coupon is filled in, it must be paid in the LOTO system.

How many numbers do you have to guess to win?

There are a total of six different SuperBingo winnings to be played in the TV raffle. 

First Center – The first players to win are guessed by the six numbers in the center before the 45th ball is played. 

First frame – the winner is the first to have 14 numbers in the frame until the 45th ball is played. 

Center – All SuperBingo players who have guessed the six numbers in the center before the 45th ball win. 

Frame – the winner is those who have guessed the 14 numbers in the frame by the 45th ball. 

Bingo – the players who first guess all 20 numbers win. 

SuperBingo – the winners are those who are the first to guess all 20 numbers up to a certain ball. These players also receive a Bingo

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