Free spins in the mobile casino

Players who prefer to play casinos from their mobile can still receive free spins. All casinos that offer free spins to new players do the same for those who sign up from mobile devices. With free spins on the mobile, it is possible to spin just about anywhere without being limited to a computer.

Some online casinos offer games from an app. Otherwise, it is the mobile browser that applies. Regardless, both options are available to you as a player at most casinos. Smaller players may not have an app, but the absolute majority of casinos in the list above have an app that can be downloaded. Experience the freedom it provides with free rounds from a smartphone or tablet.

Why are free spins given by online casinos?

The main reason why it is possible to receive free spins from a casino is that the online casino is trying to attract new players. By making an offer like free spins, they hope that the player will continue to play at casino even after the free spins have been distributed. This way, they can give free spins and then profit from it in the long run. The competition is huge today, which means that casinos need to stand out to attract new players and few things are as effective as offering free spins.

Free spins since the license were introduced
Since the license was introduced, it has unfortunately become somewhat more restrictive with free spins. The reason is that a maximum of one bonus per player and license is allowed. Therefore, the player can not get recurring free spins as in the past. Then it was possible to get free spins to test new slots that were launched. Or could the player get free spins on multiple deposits and not just the first one. This is no longer possible today when there is no possibility of receiving recurring bonuses. Therefore, it should be taken into account that the person who receives free spins from a casino can not receive more free spins from the same casino or players who share a license with the selected online casino.

The positive thing about licenses, however, is that the rules and conditions have improved significantly. As we mentioned, cash spins, for example, have more or less become standard among welcome bonuses. Of course, the amounts and levels are not as large as in the past, but at the same time, we often avoid turnover requirements, which of course is a huge advantage.

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